Covercraft Windshield Sun Shield

Covercraft Windshield Sun Shield

Custom-Patterned UV Heat Shields for Front Windshields

UV Heat Shields help reduce interior temperature and protect the interior from damaging sun rays that penetrate the front windshield.  Our heat shields are custom patterned, insulated and available in two styles.  Custom patterned to follow the outline of the windshield, we have over 500 patterns to fit most popular cars, pickups and vans.  Front windshield UV shields provide protection at the beach, work, airport...anywhere you park, and they're easy to use.








UVS100 Heat Shield

This premium quality, custom patterned, folding heat shield has a silver reflective fabric on the outer side, soft felt on the inside.  Both fabrics are laminated to a foam-core board which acts as an insulator.  The silver outside facing fabric helps reflect damaging UV rays that not only heat the inside of your vehicle but also damage the interior.  Your steering wheel and seats will be cooler with the use of a Heat Shield!

Easy to use - just unfold and position across the windshield surface, then fold the sun visors down to hold the shield in place.









High-performance radiant barrier material uses laminate construction with insulating foam and a clear mylar film on the inside.  The side that faces the outside uses a metalized polyester laminate finish to reflect up to 97% of the sun's damaging UV rays.

Easy to use - just roll the shield into place and lower the sun visors.  Lightweight material is easy to handle.

Optional storage bags are available for both models.